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About Us

The Story of The Film Hub

With an experienced industry producer,  paired with a production design with an impeccable eye for design, the Film Hubs creation was inevitable.

The limited availability of resources needed to create superior content was depressing.

The developers of The Film Hub saw an opportunity to design and bring together like-minded innovators in one place to reshape the communications industry. The Film Hub inspires and allows business owners, creatives, designers, and producers to generate content that dominates and allows their stories to be told. The end of 2019 The Film Hub officially opened its doors!

Our Mission

We know that solitary work is disheartening, particularly those in the creative field. We believe everyone should benifit from a supportive and imaginative community.

We started The Film Hub to provide creatives with an ideal atmospher to flourish and do their best work.

With both private and collaborative coworking spaces, cutting-edge production studios, and elegant event spaces, creativity thrives. Every corner is designed to spark your imagination, setting new standards for inspired digital content.

The Team

Nani Martinez

Community Lead & Production Lead

Clarissa Griffie

Special Event Lead

Lauren Fehlhaber

Co-Founder & CEO

About the Founders

Lauren Fehlhaber

Co-Founder & CEO

From a young age, Lauren has had a gift for crafting visually appealing environments through design. In 2017, she came up with a unique concept that merges a coworking space with video production studio to support a community of creative professionals. With her vibrant personality, perseverance, and love for people, Lauren successfully launched this innovative concept, along with her business partner, known as The Film Hub.

Prior to starting the corporation, Lauren has been involved in producing and designing sets and backgrounds for TV commercials and advertising agencies since 2010. Her production background continued as a producer and project manager for corporate shoots, product shoots and indie films. Before delving into the industry, Lauren pursued studies in interior design, space planning, and drafting. Her aspiration was to design a hotel one day, that would enhance people’s experiences through innovative design. Her dream was fulfilled in a corporate fashion with creative vibes and magnetic synergy at The Film Hub.

Aside from being a mother to three children, her unwavering dedication to serving others through love and design remains her driving passion and her God given purpose.

esign remains her driving passion.

Jim Ellis


With more than 35 years experience and a keen interest in development, Jim Ellis is known for producing award-winning products from TV commercials to feature films. Ellis’s passion for the industry drove him to open his first video production company, Inspired Images, in 1985. In 2015 Ellis and his film business partner were successful in releasing a full-length faith-based feature film called “Refuge From The Storm.”

The film received buzz and was picked up and distributed by E-One Entertainment.  His brilliant and driven mind uplifts and motivates his clients and everyone who surrounds him. His positive energy and love for people combined are contagious to all. Ellis strives to continue to follow his dreams and mentor others to follow their passions while creating Indie Films that will bring a positive change.

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