Construction Is Going Strong For The Film Hub

June 13, 2017 2ndUnit

Construction Is Going Strong For The Film Hub

The sleepy old post office is getting quite a shake down. It has been awakened by outside forces rattling its large steel frame.

Rick Santana and his framing crew worked together with the steel crew from Del Mar Fabrication to raise a 1-ton steel beam into place which dramatically opens up the space below for the new lobby.

This week we also started tearing off the old torch down roof. It will be replaced with a state of the art foam roof. This will not only insulate the building from heat but like a big sound blanket, it will quiet the building below from outside noise.

One of the most noticeable changes to the Film Hub is that the framing is up!
Now you can really feel what the space will be like. You can especially get a feel for the upcoming control room and podcast/voiceover room.

Once it’s full of soundproof material and glass you’ll have the perfect place to record to your heart’s content.
The second floor is no exception. Of course, it’s still has a long way to go but even without the glass walls and furniture, we are still loving the view from up here!

Underneath all of this lies tons of new steel and concrete to support this new structure. We want to say thanks to Eric Hoagland and to his team who laid down our concrete in less than a week. Also underground are new sanitation lines, expertly Installed by Steve Mac Plumbing. This kind of speed brings a lot of excitement for what will take place in the coming weeks and months.

The future of this building is looking bright! Friday we cut the hole in the roof for our future skylight. As the light poured into the dark building It felt like we were emerging from beneath the earth’s surface after being trapped underground for months. The 40 x 12 foot skylight will bring in natural light that will energize you while you work. A vitamin D infused workspace!