Film Hub building demo reveals 60 year old history

June 12, 2017 2ndUnit

Film Hub building demo reveals 60 year old history

Renovation has begun on the Old Vista Post Office from the 1960’s, the future home of THE FILM HUB. Demo work on the interior of the building has been like taking a ride in a time machine.

(By the way we have a time machine a block away from the Film Hub site if you need one. Of course you can use it for free everyday if you’re a member at THE HUB. Hey, whatever we can do to make your life easier!

On Demo day “one” the drop ceiling came down revealing yet another ceiling complete with the original light fixtures. As walls came down the original windows and doors were revealed along with the light switches that operated the lights when the building was used as the Post Office.

After 40 years of being covered up we hit the switch and to our surprise the lights still worked! The mail truck loading dock was revealed and the porcelain clad light that illuminated the area was still hanging there.

An old narrow black door with a slot built into it was revealed which is still a mystery to us. Perhaps someone in town knows its purpose.

Its important to remember the history of what has gone on before us but it is the future that we are looking towards now.

The Film Hub will be an incredible site where people can enjoy working in an inspiring space in a charming town which has supported the arts for years.