Is working from home not working?

October 10, 2020 2ndUnit

Is working from home not working?

Why your company should consider using coworking spaces?

Working from home is becoming commonplace. As businesses continue to embrace remote work, more and more employees are starting to find out that working from home isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be.

Even the most diligent of workers can’t do much to overcome the distraction of a child in need or a barking dog in the middle of a conference call. These external factors can harm your productivity and disrupt your workflow.

The Solution?

Have your Employees work from Coworking spaces.

  • 1. Improve productivity
  • 2. Build a community of support and expertise
  • 3. Allow for new networking opportunities
  • 4. Great for meetings, classes & events
  • 5. Reduce corporate office expenses and costs

1. Coworking spaces improve productivity

It becomes difficult to differentiate home-time from work-time when you’re stuck having to complete a project from home while also caring for children.

According to an article by the Harvard Business Review, they found that people who use coworking spaces “thrive” compared not only to those who work from home, but also those who work in an office. This means better productivity for less cost than a traditional office.

2. Build a community of support and expertise

Working from home or a coffee shop does give you a community of support from other professionals. Becoming apart of a community gets you excited to wake up every day and go to work with people you enjoy. The expertise and support that people bring to each other in this community setting is the best benefit for a healthy work environment.

3. Coworking spaces allow for new networking opportunities

Networking can be a core part of many jobs and allow for many potential customers to learn about you that normally wouldn’t have. Coworking spaces allow for a wide variety of individuals to come together and work under the same roof. At The Film Hub, a coworking space in Vista, creatives are encouraged to use the coworking space to meet new people and develop relationships for future joint projects.

4. Coworking spaces are great for meetings, classes, and events

Coworking spaces are professional and help show your clients they deserve the best. They serve as a great place to hold meetings, live stream events, classes, and corporate seminars. Most coworking spaces have high-speed internet and dedicated spaces for this purpose with no distractions from home life. The Film Hub is unique and offers photo and video sound stages for your company or your client’s content creation and marketing needs. The possibility is endless with these dedicated stages. The Film Hub has dedicated fiber service which provides much greater quality when it comes to video communication, such as Zoom.

5. Coworking spaces reduce office expenses and costs

It takes a lot of time, and money, to find the right office in a new city. If your company is considering expanding or trying to branch out into a new location, using a coworking space over a new office can be the better, cost-effective solution to expanding.

Your company can avoid spending time looking for space and working with brokers. They also save on the cost of furnishing and setting up the office (internet, desks, furniture, janitorial services, security). In a coworking space, no long-term leases or commitments are required.

So how do I ask my employer to pay for my coworking space membership?

When presenting a coworking proposal to your employer, be sure to introduce the benefits, but drive home the results of utilizing a coworking space. For greater success, make sure to use the points above in your proposal!

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