Set Design For A Personal Hygiene Commercial

May 13, 2022 Carlos

Set Design For A Personal Hygiene Commercial






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When it comes to Set Design & building, The Film Hub is your one-stop-shop. We have soundstages, provide prefab set rentals, and we do custom-designed sets and fabrication. Our team has years of experience in set design. We are backed by a veteran builder from Warner Brothers Studio who knows that quality always comes first! You can be sure that we’ll deliver a set on time that is both high quality and visually stunning.

In this case study, we’ll look at a project we completed for Raindrop Agency. This client needed a custom-built set for a commercial shoot they were producing for Manscaped. Our team worked with the production company to create multiple sets in our stages.  


Who is Raindrop?

Raindrop Agency is a full-service advertising agency based in San Diego. They help clients own and grow their brands by providing strategic insights, creative execution, and measurable results. Their goal with every client is to take them to the next level by helping new audiences discover them, crafting deeper relationships with their core audiences, and confidently allowing them to be the best version themselves.


Creating a secret layer using The Film Hub’s standing set.

Raindrop’s director wanted a set that embodied the feeling of a secret layer, a space that would make James Bond feel at home. They also required a bathroom scene that matched the aesthetic of the main set – masculine. One of the shots would also require spraying water with a hose, and space needed to be set up to reduce potential water damage.

"“Lauren is Phenomenal. I really can’t recommend her work enough. She has designed and built sets for multiple commercials for us, and they have all been incredible.” – Michelle Adams, Raindrop Senior Producer"


Using the Café

Stage Three (The Café) at The Film Hub is one of our standing sets. It is outfitted with beautiful vintage brick, faux metal sliding doors, and an industrial staircase. Instead of starting from a blank canvas in a studio, we can build upon what The Café has to offer, helping us create the set our client envisioned while cutting on cost for set pieces.

Using the Photo Studio

Attached to The Café, our Photo Studio provided the perfect spot to create a bathroom scene. 

We needed a mirror for the restroom/bathroom set and a vanity for the client to pretend like they were shaving and using their product. Using different materials and patterns, our team achieved a masculine look. 

Reflections in mirrors often pose a problem when shooting on camera. Therefore a unique piece must be created with that reflection in mind. Using a slatted-wood piece and frosted plexiglass, we created a set piece that looked like the back of a shower, perfect for the final shot.

Reducing water spillage

Another challenge was securing a space to accommodate a water scene for the commercial that involved spraying somebody with a hose. To create the correct wet zone, we grabbed two-by-fours, built a quick box, lined it with plastic, pulled it up to where the water would reach when sprayed, and held it up with C stands.


Bringing the project to life.

We began the project with a design meeting that included the director and the producer to get a scope of work, budget, and the set look. From there, we start designing renderings in Sketchup. This program allows the creation of three-dimensional models to mock up layouts, design pieces, and materials to show the final design and scale of the set.

To help keep costs within budget, we started with one of our standing sets (the Café,) which had a vintage brick wall and industrial look. We added additional walls and columns and set dressing to complete the set.  

The custom restroom set was built in our adjacent studio. We chose blue and grey tiled walls for the color scheme with wood accents in the wall panel and vanity to bring in some warmth. 



After a few changes, we received the green light on the set; now, it was time to fabricate. We have a lot of set rentals already in inventory like flats, windows, and doors that help reduce costs for the client. 

This set, in particular, required a few fabrication pieces like concrete-looking columns, a wood-slatted wall, and custom-sized pedestals to showcase product pieces. 

The bathroom needed tile stickers, furniture, and other materials to assemble convincing set walls.


The set we created was not only beautiful and on-brand for Manscaped, but it also met all of the functional needs that Raindrop required. The Film Hub quickly and efficiently created a set that fit the client’s vision and helped them achieve their goals within budget.