Why join a Coworking space in 2020

September 12, 2019 2ndUnit

Why join a Coworking space in 2020

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but what you do consistently. Every day we go to work, why not work someplace that you can’t wait to get to in the morning. The Film Hub CoWorking space in Vista, CA is that place.

Why The Film Hub?

It may be the luxurious office building for your clients to meet or the downtown location where you can walk out of the front door and be surrounded by 30 shops and restaurants in the beautiful Historic District of Vista. Or maybe it’s the ability to rub shoulders with others in your industry making connections that could lead to profitable collaborations and new ventures. Say nothing about the design for a healthy workplace. Natural light and fresh air pours inside the building from a 40ft skylight, multiple solar tubes and roll-up windows. Like to stand while you work? We thought of that also, just tap a button and raise your desk to your desired height.


These are only a few of the reasons that The Film Hub may be the best place for your new office or coworking location in 2020.


One of the biggest reasons is….


Life is made up choices and taking action to change your environment can open new vistas of growth for your business. This is not only a new year but a new decade! What a great time to take the needed move to a new inspiring workplace!

Why are Coworking spaces are expanding at unprecedented rates all across the world?


Working at a coworking space like The Film Hub, with a diverse group of people from creators, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, influencers and small starts-ups can build strong relationships. One brain generally has one perspective and that can fall short when you’re trying to reach a large diverse group of consumers with your product or service.

That’s why we are developing “Spark Meetings” at The Film Hub. Once a month meetings where members can pitch ideas and obtain feedback from other professionals. There are also social events built into each month’s schedule such as mixers and complimentary breakfasts. All of this built-in networking is designed to help you grow your business and stimulate collaboration. That is the power of the human connection.


Each coworking space also cultivates its own unique vibe or culture. Because of its audio and video facilities, The Film Hub has developed a unique culture. It has attracted people such as video producers, video distributors, youtube influencers, photographers, filmmakers, film financiers and visual effects creators. Larger companies have moved their marketing departments to the Film Hub in order to take advantage of the huge savings on production costs.


Studies have shown that working out of a coworking space rather than home increases productivity.

Removing unnecessary distractions and being around other motivated individuals helps you to maintain your workflow and stay on task. Because of this many employers are paying for some of their employees’ coworking memberships because they recognize the high value of the boost in productivity. At the Film Hub not only do we have private offices but they are self-contained each with its own thermostat for a/c and heat.

Benefits and perks

  • Free Beverages
  • Turn key move-in ready
  • Flexible memberships
  • A variety of work stations: Open coworking, Dedicated desks and Private offices.
  • Community events
  • Extended hours of access
  • Plenty of Free parking
  • Conference rooms and event space

What? Coworking and a Production facility all under one roof!

Marketing today demands more content than ever before. Whether its product demos, interviews with the experts, behind the scenes, live streams, video talk shows & podcasts, people want to see it and hear about it. At the Film Hub you can produce the needed marketing content at a fraction of the cost.

Up your game, not your budget.

The building was developed by two individuals who have an extensive understanding of the film industry. A producer who has spent 30 years in the industry and a veteran set designer. They designed and decorated this facility to add production value to every corner of the building. Budgets can be limiting, but the Film Hub has been designed to add production value to each shot without the big budget.


When you become a member you unlock 15-50% discounts and accrue free credits towards using our amenities, drastically reducing the cost of production. These professional amenities include:

  • video and photo sound stages
  • White and green infinity cyclorama walls
  • Podcast and audio recording rooms
  • Editing and Control Room
  • Talent green room
  • Cafe or Kitchen set
  • Product shoot areas
  • Talk show sets and other standing set facades

It is the first creative space on steroids.

Every corner is designed for capturing images which makes this 12,500sq ft facility a playground for content creators of all sorts and kinds.

When you walk through the front door of The Film Hub you will sense the inspiration which is woven into the very design of the facility. Your mind will run with possibilities.

Explore those possibilities and tour The Film Hub