Why Most New Actors Go Broke: A Conversation With Shamelle Reveter | Industry Insights

December 1, 2023 Carlos

Why Most New Actors Go Broke: A Conversation With Shamelle Reveter | Industry Insights

Starting as a background actress, Shamelle Reveter witnessed firsthand the challenges artists face, especially in managing their economic well-being. This experience fueled her to establish GYSIO (Get Yo’ Stuff In Order), focusing on helping actors and creatives manage their finances and navigate the business aspects of the industry. Her work goes beyond mere bookkeeping; it’s about empowering artists to take control of their financial destiny, ensuring their artistic passion is supported by a solid economic foundation.


Shamelle’s impact extends beyond her financial services. She’s a figure of empowerment, offering guidance and resources through her playwriting and production company, It’s Possible Entertainment. This venture shines a light on underserved markets, giving a voice to artists who might otherwise remain in the shadows. 


For those new to the industry, here are some insider tips straight from Shamelle’s playbook:

  1. Understand Your Worth: Learn to value your contribution, both artistically and financially. Refrain from underselling your skills.
  2. Financial Literacy is Key: Get to grips with basic financial management. This knowledge is crucial for long-term success.
  3. Plan and Budget: Whether you’re a content creator or an actor, budgeting for projects and daily expenses is non-negotiable.
  4. Seek Professional Help: Don’t hesitate to consult experts like Shamelle. Their insights can save you from common financial pitfalls.
  5. Diversify Your Skills: Be open to learning and adapting. Diverse skills can open multiple streams of income.


In an industry where economic uncertainty often looms, her insights and services are invaluable. Be sure to watch the full episode for Shamelle’s full story! Learn more about GYSIO and her services on her websites: