May 8, 2024 Carlos

Why San Diego Deserves a Spot on the Film Industry Map with Michael Wood | Industry Insights

In the latest episode of Industry Insights, host Jim Ellis sits down with Michael Wood, a notable figure in the media industry and a passionate advocate for San Diego’s potential as a filmmaking and media production hub. Michael, a Producer, Technical Director, Founder, and U.S. Marine Veteran, brings a wealth of experience and a unique vision to the table.

San Diego, known for its beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions, holds untapped potential in the film and media sector. Michael discusses how the city is not just a backdrop for vacationers but a vibrant community brimming with creative talent. From animators who contribute to major concert tours like Taylor Swift’s to composers whose works have traveled to space, San Diego is a treasure trove of creative minds.

However, as Michael points out, much of this talent is often recruited away to other major media markets. His mission with San Diego Media Pros is to reverse this trend. By fostering local productions and showcasing the talents within the city, Michael aims to cement San Diego’s reputation not only as a scenic destination but also as a thriving production hub.

Throughout the episode, Michael shares insights into his initiatives to train wounded veterans, providing them with skills to thrive in the media industry, thus contributing to a more inclusive and dynamic local economy. His efforts underline the broader goal of making San Diego a beacon for filmmakers and media professionals worldwide.

Join us as we explore how Michael Wood and the San Diego Media Pros are making strides to transform San Diego into a recognized center for film and media production. Listen to this enlightening discussion and discover the potential that lies in one of America’s finest cities.

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